Friday, January 9, 2015

UPDATE: Francesca Hilton Shitter Edition

It's come to my attention that my original post about Francesca Hilton dying in a bathroom at Cedars Sinai Medical Center is incorrect.

Francesca was actually in Norm's Restaurant on LaCienega Blvd.

She didn't eat, she only ordered a glass of water.

She collapsed in the ladies room

The real mystery:  Was it behind door #1 or door #2?

From my original report:

She died of an "apparent stroke/heart attack" in the toilet of her room.  I don't think her publicist liked her very much.

"We were discussing her book she was writing and a possible deal.  She had to go to the restroom.  She never made it out.   I am so sad about my friend..."

Another insult to the Gabor name - Francesca died in the shitter.   

Was it #1 or #2?  heh.

I hate being in public restrooms and hearing people talking on their phones while taking a shit.  
It's vile and it happens.  Something tells me it would have been a stinker.

Well, let's just hope her hands were clean.

Thanks Sheila Lee for braving the restroom at Norm's!

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