Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dash Beardsley's WAKE THE DEAD! This October in Galveston.

Last year I was a guest speaker at the Dash Beardsley Wake the Dead Show in Galveston.  It was a great gathering of deathy, ghosty fun.  Celebs, speakers and story swapping.  It's happening again in October!  Maybe you can make it this year!

This  year it's October 9, 10 and 11 in Galveston.

Come and say Hello!  I'll be there.

That's me on the left, sitting like a lady.  Eric Roberts to my left.
Please don't come back, Eric.  My experience:  Major Douche.

seriously?  nice parting gift.  who had to pay for that?  dick.

Here are some highlights:

When in Galveston, check Dash's tour.  It's terrific.

Wear Mosquito Repellant.  Monsters.  Never in my life...

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