Saturday, January 3, 2015

Leave a Good Looking Corpse

Oh hell no.

So here's the thing:  Whitney Houston overdosed and is dead in the tub of room 434 of the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  Someone drags her out and she's dead on the floor.  Someone covers her with a sheet until they remove her from the room.  Standard Operational Procedure.  

One curious cop, Sgt. Terry Nutall,  allegedly lifted up the sheet to have a peek.  The quote attributed to him is, "Damn, she's still looking good, huh?"  

Sgt. Brian Weir, one of the other cops in the room, filed a lawsuit alleging misconduct because of the remark.

He filed a lawsuit.  Stopppp.

I'd peek.  Wouldn't you?

A line like the "Damn, she's still looking good, eh?" that could easily be an innocent observation as well as a lecherous one.  Would a Beverly Hills cop tell a roomful of people that he wants to fuck the corpse of Whitney Houston?

The cop who filed the suit is so upset that no one likes him anymore, he's filed another lawsuit.  He says he's being denied overtime and promotions.   

Big poopy pants.

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  1. I can only hope someone says that about me after I kick it! That cop is a cry baby bitch.