Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Goood Ol' Rocky Top

Rock Hudson is commemorated with a tree on Santa Monica Blvd.

I literally stumbled onto this.

According to Wikipedia (I know)

West Hollywood Memorial Walk is a memorial and landmark in West Hollywood, California, along the sidewalks of Santa Monica Boulevard between Fairfax Avenue and Doheny Drive, at the eastern border of the City of Beverly Hills.  Bronze plaques engraved with the names of those who died from acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) embedded in the sidewalk as a tribute.  Funds from the purchase of plaques support the programs of California non-profit Aid for AIDS to assist impoverished people in Los Angeles County living with HIV/AIDS.

Loved ones eligible for a bronze plaque on the West Hollywood Memorial Walk are those who have died and were HIV-positiev.  Among the most-notable memorialized by a plaque is actor Rock Hudson, who died of AIDS in 1985.  The placement of Hudson't plaque on Santa Monica Boulevard was coordinated by actress Elizabeth Taylor his co-star in the film, Giant.