Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy signed card autograph

Item #2 Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy Signature Autographed Card

Comes with the Gacy Serial Killer Comic and
Murder in Mind issue 11


A portion of the proceeds from this sale will go to Justice for Victims of Homicide


Item # 1 Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy signed Christmas Cards

Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer " Art " autograph

One Jeffrey Dahmer items available.

Hand drawn and bizarrely framed Jeffery Dahmer prison art

The frame has been designed to resemble the door of his apartment, #213


A portion of the proceeds from this sale will go to Justice for Victims of Homicide


Hand printed prison request dated July 12, 1994 by Jeffrey Dahmer.


A portion of the proceeds from this auction will be donated to Justice for Victims of Homicide


Robert John Bardo Serial Killer sketches for sale

To raise money for Dearly Departed Tours to obtain the infamous Jayne Mansfield crash car, we are selling off things we've collected over the years.

These items were collected by Scott Michaels of Dearly Departed Tours.

  A portion of the proceeds from this sale will go to Justice for Victims of Homicide

Robert Bardo is in prison for life for the murder of actress 
Rebecca Schaeffer in 1989.
It's because of Schaeffer's murder that some stalking laws were created.

You can read about the case here.

These were hand drawn, dated and signed by Bardo himself

The sketches are available for $75 + $7 postage

Each drawing is $75 plus $7.00 postage

You may purchase using the Paypal link below.

Please specify in the notes which sketch you want.


         A portion of the proceeds from this sale will go to Justice for Victims of Homicide

                                                  Thank you so much, Michael B.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kathy Najimy - not a fan

Kathy Najimy... not so much.

In October of 2015 I was invited to Galveston for the second year in a row, to speak at the Dash Beardsley Wake the Dead show.  

To be included as a "celebrity speaker" amongst such terrific people was a real honor.   Troy and I really enjoyed catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Since my table was going to be so close to Kathy Najimy's, I was looking forward to having an opportunity to spend a bit of time with her.  I've always really liked her on screen and in interviews.   I had met her previously at Mary Wicke's funeral, so I thought it would start the conversation something we had in common.

So I waddled over to Kathy and introduced myself and explained that we had met before.  There was a polite "she was great." with no real joy.  She was very kind and nice but clearly not interested in conversing.  Fair enough, I thought.

Later in the day Troy and I asked for a photo with her.  She very kindly obliged.

She later made the rounds in the room to the different tables.  She stopped at ours for a minute and asked what we did.  She listened attentively as we described our tour and museum.  She said she thought it was a great idea.  I offered one of my brochures which she took back to her table.

Later, someone told me that they saw that Kathy was selling autographed cast pictures from King of the Hill, WITH Brittney Murphy's signature on them, for $20.

Eyes bulging, I scurried over to her table and indeed saw two styles of photos. When I questioned her, she told me that she always gets everyone's autographs when she works on something.  I asked about Murphy and of course she only had nice things to say.

So I bought 10 of them.  They were obviously already signed by the other actors.   I asked her to sign one so I can take a photograph of her signing it.  

She kindly obliged and signed my photo to Dearly Departed Tours  and took my 200 smackers.

A little later in the day, we looked closely at the rest pictures we bought.

They were all color photocopies.  Najimy herself didn't even sign them.

I didn't want to ruffle feathers and make it miserable for my nice friends who ran the event.  

I ate the 200 bucks and have a fun story to tell.

When Najimy left the show, her table was empty...

except for the Dearly Departed Tours brochure laying there.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Killer stuff

The Leno Labianca biography No More Tomorrows.  In excellent condition.  $100


Post card from Mezzaluna - $10
Nicole Simpson's Last Supper
Closed down since 1997



Dahmer art - the real deal - spectacular frame

Dahmer handwritten name and prisoner number $300

Envelope from the Ambassador Hotel - RFK Killed


Sharon Tate's autopsy report signed by Dr. Noguchi

Bird art by Arthur Shawcross
The Genessee River Killer
13 Victims $200

Note from Susan Atkins $150