Tuesday, January 20, 2015

RIP Darren Shahlavi from Mortal Combat 1972 - 2015

Darren Shahlavi
August 5, 1972 - January 14, 2015

Darren Shahlavi who starred in the movie Mortal Combat has passed away in his Los Angeles home, Penthouse 28 of this building.

He was 42.

Some news agencies are saying overdose (TMZ), his agent said that he died in his sleep (Variety).  Maybe he died in his sleep of an overdose.

My bet is on the TMZ theory.

No doubt the LA County Coroner is running toxicology tests before they officially announce a cause of death.

He's from Manchester England, England, across the Atlantic Sea.  Earworm.

Get this:  one of his movie credits is Watchmen.  Is it a coincidence that another buff creature from the film, Greg Plitt,  also died this week?  Watchmen death curse?  

He was also on television in Mortal Combat, Legacy and Arrow.

He was a martial artist and his movies had plenty of AK-SHAWN.   Earworm.

Source:  Variety

Source:  TMZ

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