Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy Report of the day - Liberace's Las Vegas Home is being restored!

Someone had the good sense to buy Liberace's decrepit Las Vegas home and is restoring it to all it's tacky glory.  Leave it to the Brits.  Martyn Ravenhill from Surrey knows glamour and snatched Lee's Vegas digs for $523,000

Source:  Curbed and The Daily Mail

Now if only one of the HUGE CASINOS on the strip would donate a fucking ballroom, just one, to display Liberace's legendary collection of costumes (the one's that haven't been picked over and sold yet), pianos and gems.

The World's Largest Rhinestone.
Who else would own it?

"Do you love it?  You should.  You paid for it."

Liberace was a star.  He helped put Vegas on the map.  He deserves it.

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  1. I just drove past this house yesterday on my way to work. Made me wonder if/when it had been sold.

    I'll definitely be looking closer every time I pass by it to see how the owner changes it.

    1. Definitely! I'll try to get a chance to drive over to that side of Vegas this week sometime and get "before" pics of what it looks like outside now.

    2. tanya, tanya - where are now the pics `? Its now November !

  2. Its beggars belief that anybody would want to buy such a gaudy structure in the first place?, but then want to spend even more money on it restoring it, my goodness i would have it flattened in an afternoon.