Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Six Million Dollar Dearly Departed Tour

While watching an episode of the Six Million Dollar Man today, as you do, I found this particular frame of Steve Austin running through a random parking lot.
Well, not so random.  This is in Hollywood, where the W Hotel now stands.

But 10 years ago, it looked like this.

Oh wait, this is Dawn, Portrait of a Teenage Runaway.  I watched that yesterday.

Here the parking lot in the Six Million Dollar Man

Here is one of the original publicity shots I did for Dearly Departed Tours 10 Years Ago.

Coincidence??  I think not.

Did I ever tell you about the conversation I had with Lee Majors?

Back around 1998 I spent some time with him.  When I told him I was from Detroit, he responded, "My parents were killed and are buried in Detroit."  

Weird conversation starter, but terrific guy.

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  1. OMG "Dawn Portrait of a Teenage Runaway"!!! Nothing like playing a teenage hooker to get rid of that Jan image. "Now Cindy, this is how you give a BJ"

  2. I hope you made it a double feature with Terror on the Beach or Like Normal People. I'm off to watch Satan's School for Girls & Kill Dozer. Thanks for the unexpected memory and laugh.
    P.S. What I would give for a copy of Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night!