Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 3, 2015 Jack Ruby's 47th Deathaversary

On this date in 1967, Jack Ruby, the killer of Lee Harvey Oswald, died of Keeansah in Dallas.

The killing of Oswald either

1. Saved the country millions of dollars by avoiding a trial
2. Showed compassion for Jackie Kennedy a gave her a break.
3. Gave exhausting people something to prattle on about for over 50 years.


While in Dallas over last October, my new friends Shane and Paula showed us so many of the cool relevant Death Haggy spots in town.

We went to the Courthouse where Ruby shot Oswald.

We saw an opportunity to slip down the driveway thingy when the gate opened and someone drove in.

We got about 20 feet in when the cow in the car got out and told us we couldn't peek.

So we went to Lee's grave instead.

RIP Jack Ruby


  1. I tried figuring it out but what is keeansah?

  2. I've got a cool story about the old Municipal Building/Police station where Ruby shot Oswald.

    I was on a scooter tour of the Kennedy motorcade route when we stopped by the Municipal Building. We were standing outside talking about it when a City of Dallas security officer came up to us. This was right when the 50th anniversary of the assassination was taking place, so CBS had rented the basement to film a segment for the Evening News.

    Since CBS had already left and the security dude was paid for another hour, he escorted us down there to look! It was surreal to stand in the exact spot where Oswald fell. It's almost exactly like it was in 1963 aside from a new paint job and a glass door closing off the elevator he came out of.