Sunday, January 4, 2015

Journey to Spider Pool

The Spiderpool has been a fascination of mine for years.  It's one of those "culty" locations in Los Angeles that only a few people get to experience because it's so difficult to get to.

Plus you'd have to do it illegally.

Unless you are invited.

That's how we got there.  We knew how rare this opportunity is so we documented this unusual landmark so everyone can enjoy it.

Believe me, getting there isn't easy.  It's steep, it's dangerous and absolutely covered in poison oak.
But it's really neat.

Enjoy our Journey to Spiderpool

This is the history of Jack McDermott the man who created the Spider Pool

by Mark Masek


  1. Great video, Scott. It seems to me that maybe there was another way to get to the pool other than the way you went? I can't imagine it being that hard to get to when it was in use. Also, whatever happened to the house? You showed old pics of it, and they look fantastic; but did the house end up being another victim of "progress", or is someone living in it today?

  2. You were trespassing - that picnic table, chair and hammock are mine and this is evidence of you being on my property uninvited. You will be hearing from my attorney and please remove this video.