Tuesday, January 20, 2015

RIP Anne Kirkbride - Deidre from Coronation Street 1954 - 2015

Anne Kirkbride
June 21, 1954 - January 19, 2015
"The jelly hasn't set!"

Deidre is Dead.

Anne Kirkbride played Deidre Barlow on the British soap opera Coronation Street for 42 years.

She died on the evening of Monday January 19, 2015 after a "brief illness" in a Manchester hospital.

The cause of death has not been announced.

Anne chain-smoked for most of her life, rewarding her with that distinctive husky voice.

She was 60.

Source BBC News

In 1993 she was treated successfully for non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Anne announced last September (2014) that she was taking a three month break from the show.  

Her last scene aired on October 8 when she spoke one of the final sentences of her acting career.

"Jelly shouldn't run!  It should wobble!"

Back in the late 90's (FREE THE WEATHERFIELD ONE!) I had a chance to visit the Street.  Since then they've stopped tours, but here are two photos from that visit.

Britain, today I weep for you.

I shall use my Rovers swizzle stick to stir my coffee this week.


Source: Daily Mail


  1. Well she's right. Jelly shouldn't run! It should wobble!"

  2. Thank you Anne for so many years of entertaining us in "Corrie"
    You will be missed by so many.
    Andrea ~ UK

  3. very sad news. she was a legend.

    since they built a new 'street' at a new studio, you can tour the old one again