Saturday, January 3, 2015

Death Hag

When I started back in November of 1998, I began my "About us" page with a greeting, "Hi Death Hags".

I'm a huge fan of John Waters who (I believe) coined the term "Fame Hag".  I'm a gay man and have long been familiar with the term "Fag Hag".  I made it up because I thought it was an appropriate term for those enamored with death.  "Celebrity" death in particular.

I'm happy that the term has been embraced.  I did quick Google just now and came up with blogs, tattoos (on LA Ink no less!).  My pal CC surprised the heck out of me with that one!

Some articles are nice, some not so nice.  

I suppose anyone can make an addition to the Urban Dictionary, but I was chuffed to see that Death Hag made it onto the list last year.  

The Findadeath forum (Death Hag Central) has over 10,000 users.   There are dozens of user ID's on various social medias using the term Death Hag too.

I have no idea why it's become what it has, but I'm proud.  The internet has made the world very small.  People who thought, "I'm the only one," have now found themselves an online home.

Is it tacky?  Oh hell yes.  Are we being disrespectful?  Possibly.  Is it interesting?  Yup.

Death for death's sake has never been something I am that keen on.  Seeing someone get run over by a car doesn't hold interest for me.  I can't even watch someone getting a shot with a needle.  Now, seeing Marilyn Monroe get hit by a car?  I'm all over that shit.


Dustin Hoffman!  courtesy of Jayne Osborne

Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson

We don't do this to find acceptance.  Some people will never accept what we do.  We do it because it's interesting and (I think) educational.  And gossipy and dishy too.  Fuck it.  I hold my head up high.

Hi, I'm Scott and I am a Death Hag.

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  1. I adore findadeath because the people it talks about are WAAAAAY more interesting than anyone that's living. Period.