Monday, January 19, 2015

UPDATE: RIP Greg Plitt who's wish came true. He "Defied the Odds of Age"

Channel 7 News updated their website Monday morning

"The conductor said that when he was coming southbound on the train he hit the horn and the brakes to try and stop, but Mr. Plitt did not seem to react to the train's horn," Burbank police Sgt. Scott Meadows said. 

The Extremely Shy Greg Plitt

Troy and I went on a field trip to attempt to find the exact location where Gregg Plitt was struck by a train.  Big ol' train.  I'm gonna get that train.  

I found another previously published workout video online of Greg giving fitness instructions on the railroad tracks exactly where he was killed.  See that Silo type thingy on the right behind him?  Well, the bridge is behind him too.

Silo behind on the right

This is from the opposite angle, so in the photo above he is beyond the silo, back to us.

News Photo

My photo

Here is video I shot less than 24 hours after the accident.

This is the last thing that happened in Greg's life.  
Note the POLICE TAPE still on the tracks.

Friends of Plitt were interviewed on Monday January 19.  Warren Coulter, "He just made a mistake."  His girlfriend Christina Stejskal said, "He was just trying to get the best shot."

Metrolink said that the train's engineer saw Plitt on the tracks and sounded the horn.  He then hit the emergency brakes.

Source LA Times

When the Police Tape disappeared, this X was put there.


Here is where his body landed - you can see the white barricade on the right.

The body was had "severe trauma" but was intact when he landed after impact.

This is a sad story, no doubt.  

His body was taken to Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills.

Something tells me this will be a cremation.

Am I the only one interested in seeing the video he or his friends were shooting?

As I've always said, people who "get it" really get it.  People who don't?  Realllllllllllllly don't.

Source KABC

I wonder if these were Greg's ketchup packets.

The extremely shy Scott Michaels showing off his abs

Hey, ask me.  I'll dance.