Friday, January 9, 2015

The Chinese Theater - Throwing Us Abhorrent Realness

It's my opinion that if movies were a religion, 
The Grauman's Chinese Theater is it's cathedral.

Did I say Grauman's?  Sorry.  Now it's the TCL Chinese Theater because they sold the "naming" rights to it.  For 10 years the world is forbidden to call it Grauman's because the TCL company paid for it.

But it's a great way to see a good old fashioned 35mm movie.

Oh wait, no.  

It went IMAX.  I saw The Wizard of Oz in 3D.  Let me say, this movie in 3D didn't need to happen.  Can we please stop the 3D thing.

fuck you.

See the forecourt where the legends leave their footprints!  Marilyn! Bette! Judy! Joan! Clark,! Jimmy! They've all been immortalized with this honor, more important than any Oscar.

Well, brace yourself!  On January 9th the Hollywood Legend that IS Ethan Hawke placed his in the forecourt!  Ethan Hawke, celebrated for eternity!

How in the world did they get him to show up?

Maybe if he's lucky he'll get the spot next to Michael Jackson's children.  Even better than that, on the same square they made MJ's footprints with Michael's empty shoes.  

They brought a pair of Michael's tatty old shoes along and pressed them into the wet concrete.


I wonder what cost is to buy a slab of cement in the forecourt.

I have no doubt.

Here is the legend himself.

Photo by Brian Donnelly