Friday, January 2, 2015

Sharon Tate in the Beverly Hillbillies

Because of Donna Douglas' death today, I am poring over Steve Cox's book The Beverly Hillbillies.

Sharon was in several episodes as secretary Janet Trego.

Sharon wasn't ever going to win actress of the year, though she was nominated for a Golden Globe as a newcomer for Valley of the Dolls... where she played a bad actress.

Joe Depew directed over 100 episodes of the hit show.  He had this to say about Sharon Tate,

"When we first got her she couldn't even walk through the door convincingly."

In fairness he said that she got better after taking acting lessons.

Just a bit of snarky trivia.

Did you know she dated Max Baer?

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  1. That hillbilly truck was riding down North Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills.
    I work on S. Beverly.