Monday, January 12, 2015

Agatha Christie's 39th Deathaversary January 12, 2015

Being that today is the 39th Deathaversary of Agatha Christie, and I haven't been to her death location, I'll share with you a couple of vacation photographs I took a few years back, when I lived in the UK.

Christie died on January 12, 1976 at the age of 85.

She died in her home in Oxfordshire and is buried in the churchyard of St. Mary's Cholsey.

Agatha's grave from Findagrave

Image by J. Rickey

Burgh Island, not too far from Plymouth on the south coast.  

It's an amazing art deco hotel where Agatha was inspired to write Evil Under the Sun and
Ten Little (I'm afraid for my life if I write OMG THE WORD) n-words.

In Evil Under the Sun, the hotel was called The Jolly Roger Hotel.  

In the book there was a concrete causeway that allowed access to the island.  In reality it's much more dramatic.

You could technically walk over to the hotel at low tide.

low tide

Once the tide comes in you must take the Sea Tractor to reach the island

high tide

The Sea Tractor

Once on the island and checked in, you are on foot.

The Art Deco main building

This is a view of a cove from the hotel

I was there with this guy I used to go out with

We hit the pub, the Pilchard Inn, serving the island for 700 years.  Let that sink in.

Pilchard Inn photograph taken from the Hotel's official website

Pilchard Inn photograph taken from the Hotel's official website

The official Agatha Christie Website

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