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Death Hag Sticker of the Day - The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester House San Jose from Kim Eazell.

The batty old Sarah Winchester built the house for the ghosts of the people killed by the Winchester Rifle.  I fell in love with the place as a kid when I saw it on 
You Asked For It!


Findadeath Update The Andrews Sisters

The Andrews Sisters
"We're not glued together."   - Patty Andrews

I think the reason I love the Andrews Sisters is because:


# 2 I like freaky things.

Patty, Maxene and Laverne Andrews were three singing sisters who were best known for dressing in identical military uniforms singing catchy songs using synchronized movements (Bette Midler said they could raise their eyebrows in unison.) They were mesmerizing.  

They were a very talented novelty act.

They did their own choreography too.

They got their first break as talent contest winners and began touring in vaudeville.

During WW2 The Andrews Sisters were patriotism on tap  They entertained the troops, they sold war bonds and they worked at the Hollywood Canteen for free.  They sold squillions of records.  They were part of America when most of America still loved America (meaning before the internet).

Perspective: as of this writing (2015) their first hit song was released almost 80 years ago.

After the war, their popularity started to wane.  Record company executives thought Patty was the total package: Courage, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent.  She went solo (think early-day bug-eyed-bag-of-bones Ross), but the other two only found out about it in the gossip columns.   Since the three were still under contract as a trio, they split Patty's money evenly even if they didn't sing on her records.  Ha haaaaa.

When Patty's solo career flopped, the sisters reformed in the 50's  Go figure.

Laverne, the one on the right, was diagnosed with liver cancer in 1966.  Patty and Maxene replaced her with the singer Joyce De Young.  Laverne died in her Brentwood home on May 8, 1967.  She was able to live long enough to see her sisters singing without her because of that inconvenient cancer.

She was 55.

Special thanks to EJ Fleming

De Young toured with the girls but never recorded.

The popular story is that Laverne was the "more sane"
 of the girls.  When she died, the group began to circle the bowl.

Patty married a man named Weschler who took over management of the group and Maxene became VERY over it and quit.

"Ever since I was born, Maxene has been a problem." - Patty Andrews

In March 1974 the two sisters reunited for a show called Over Here! on Broadway.  The show had a hugely successful run.  It was supposed to go out on tour and, well, the two fell out again.

The last time Maxene and Patty were together was the unveiling of their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on October 1, 1987.

Maxene, the one on the left,  had a heart attack and a triple bypass in 1982.  "Mackie" to friends, was visiting Cape Cod when she died on October 21, 1995 in The Cape Cod Hospital from a heart attack.

One of the last things in life she did was sign an autograph for a fan in a bagel shop.

She was 79.

Both Laverne and Maxene are buried in the Columbarium of Memory in the
Great Mausoleum in Forest Lawn, Glendale

The girls right smack dab in the middle in front.

Photo by Jayne Osborne

Photo by Jayne Osborne

Patty Andrews, front and center, died in Northridge.  She was 94 years old

February 16, 1918 - January 30, 2013

She died in her home.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce woke up the 2-year-old they have on standby to make an Elmer's Glue glitter ribbon for Patty's otherwise beautiful wreath on the Andrews Sisters star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Photo by Brian Donnelly

Photo by Brian Donnelly

Always the fly in the ointment, Patty opted to skip the family grave with her sisters.  She is inurned with her husband at Westwood Memorial Park.  They are on the same wall as Janet Leigh and David Nelson.


Here's something you never needed to see.

Trivia:  Did you know that Morey Amsterdam was given credit for writing the lyrics to Rum & Coca Cola?  There was some lawsuit about it which is too exhausting to go in to.  If you choose, you can read about that here.  Did you know the song is about WHORRRRRRRRES?

Ooh, beat it mon, beat it.

Morey died too.  Guess how I know!  

Okay, I'll tell you.  I have his toe tag.

Thanks, Gabriel Mason!

Trivia:  Patty Andrews was married to Marty Melcher.  She dumped him and he went running to Doris Day.  They were married and he took her to the cleaners.  They had one child named Terry.  Terry was a music producer who lived at 10050 Cielo Drive just before Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate moved in.  Charles Manson had been to the house to meet with Terry.  After Terry moved out and Roman moved in, well, we know what happened then.

Another Degree of Helter Skelter

Patty got a purdy box.

Thanks, Ginny, for the FABulous gravestone picture.

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Death Hag Sticker of the Day - Kelly - SHOES


Today is Freddie Prinze's 38th Deathaversary

Freddie Prinze 

June 22, 1954 - January 29, 1977

Freddie was the hugely popular co-star of the television program Chico and the Man

On this date in 1977 Freddie killed himself in the Beverly Comstock, now a hotel, on Wilshire Boulevard.

In front of a witness.

"Dusty made a dive for the gun, but Freddie pulled away.  Dusty told him to "think about your mother, and your son."  

In room 216

Cause of Death - Gunshot wound to the head.

Full story on Findadeath

People under the age of 45 probably don't have a first hand memory of Freddie Prinze in his prime.  

Most people over 30 might have a memory of his son Freddie Junior in his prime.

Freddie Prinze's Death Hotel is now a stop on the Dearly Departed Tour

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Secret LA

Our Spider Pool video caught the attention of Los Angeles Magazine.  A very nice mention.

If you feel like revisiting with me.

Death Hag Sticker of the Day - Sal Mineo's Grave

Sal Mineo from Casey Lalonde

To read about Sal's murder follow the link to Findadeath

RIP Space Shuttle Challenger Crew 29th Deathaversary

The Challenger explosion happened on this date in 1986

Francis Scobie, Michael Smith, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Judith Resnik, Greg jarvis and Christa McAuliffe.

Fred Astaire Does the Dirt Dance

Fred Astaire died in June of 1987.

My first visit to Los Angeles was shortly after Fred was planted.

You can almost hear his last wife screaming in to the phone, 


me me me me me

Yawwwwwnnnn. The best part of waking up...

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It's a Death Hag sticker on fuckhead and bitch's graves!

Read the story on findadeath

Dead Friends RIP Roger Sinclair

My friend Roger's funeral was last weekend.  He had a terrific sendoff.

If you missed the service, I have a few of the memorial pamphlets in the shop.  

Come on by and say Hi to Roger and Me.  A small portion of his ashes now rest alongside the  
Roger Sinclair Memorial Lite Brite.

Dead People's Things

My cousin Del died a few years ago in Detroit.  We were able to save a few mementos.  I saved her high school autograph book.  I thought it looked fun.

My neighbor Lisa died a couple of months ago.  We were able to save a few mementos.  I saved her 45 record holder.  I thought it looked fun.

Together they look fun.

My Inbox Today: Jumbo the Elephant Death Hag Sticker

Hey Scott, 
               I took my Death Hag sticker u sent me {thanks again} and took some pics of it with my daughter at a famous Canadian death landmark. Jumbo the elephant was hit by a train and died in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. He being the jumbo of the traveling Barnum & Bailey circus. Anyway, they built a statue to commemorate his untimely death is St. Thomas. Kind of a weird celebrity death I know, but until I make it out to Corey Feldman?s grave, this will have to do. 

All the best,
Gary & Lola

Thanks, Gary and Lola!

Wow, what an interesting story, Gary.  Thank you for this.

Read it on Wiki

Stuff I Never Threw Away Dept.

 Ticket to the Del Rubio Sisters Concert, November 19, 1990 at Berlin in Chicago.

Some of you know my ex does some television.  The first season I used to take the name tags off the doors before we left the studio after taping.  This is my collection of some of the people I spent some weird time with.

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"Bag it, Clownie!"

Seen today at Rick Castro's Antebellum Gallery.

We have great neighbors.

When in Hollywood...

The painting is available to purchase.