Thursday, January 29, 2015

Today is Freddie Prinze's 38th Deathaversary

Freddie Prinze 

June 22, 1954 - January 29, 1977

Freddie was the hugely popular co-star of the television program Chico and the Man

On this date in 1977 Freddie killed himself in the Beverly Comstock, now a hotel, on Wilshire Boulevard.

In front of a witness.

"Dusty made a dive for the gun, but Freddie pulled away.  Dusty told him to "think about your mother, and your son."  

In room 216

Cause of Death - Gunshot wound to the head.

Full story on Findadeath

People under the age of 45 probably don't have a first hand memory of Freddie Prinze in his prime.  

Most people over 30 might have a memory of his son Freddie Junior in his prime.

Freddie Prinze's Death Hotel is now a stop on the Dearly Departed Tour