Thursday, March 5, 2015

Patsy Cline's 52nd Deathaversary March 5, 2015

                         Country Legend Patsy Cline died in a plane crash 52 years ago today.

Glorious details are on Findadeath

This legendary photograph is of Patsy's bra and hairspray found at the crash scene.


                                      You can own a rock from where Patsy fell to pieces.

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  1. I recently changed career paths, but I was a mortician and worked for a few years at Jones in Winchester, VA. The Patsy Cline funeral home... My favorite story about this is that many people speculated that Patsy's body was NOT in the casket. All the directors that were there are long gone now, but the generation after them swears that they swore she was in there, or rather what was left of her. I got to meet her daughter and husband when we had the service for her brother in law. He was my first independent prep! ;-)