Tuesday, March 10, 2015

She stares at me with those gum-ball eyes... the return of Subpoena

Remember when Selena's father came after me?

It's what she would have wanted.


  1. Oh, but that...whatever it is...is so damn respectful!

  2. The letter ends kind of abruptly, doesn't it? Anyway, how can they "demand" anything when the laws they are attempting to intimidate you with address Texas law, and you are in California. Isn't it true the Texas law is not the same as international or even federal law? I don't think they have any right to sue you any more than they have the right to "demand" your tax records. Also, how is it that Selena's father feels he has the right to present himself as Selena's image, etc. owner, when her husband would have precedence over it? The whole thing stinks, if you ask me (no, you didn't, but its just my two cents....;)).