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Tammy Wynette 17th Deathaversary April 6, 2015

Tammy Wynette
May 5, 1942 - April 6, 1998
"I spent 15 minutes writing Stand By Your Man, and a lifetime defending it."

Longtime readers of are aware of a few "issues" I've had with relatives of the deceased.  

Sometimes people don't like my snarky attitude.  Fair enough.  Occasionally I will reread an old story and cringe at some of the needlessly mean things I've written.  But don't get me wrong, if a person deserves it, I'll go for it.  You don't become a saint, just because you die.  

I am a fan of singer Tammy Wynette.  When I was in Nashville, I scouted out most Tammy locations and spoke to a few people involved in Tammy's death arrangements.  

In my write up, I of course mention the details I from Tammy's autopsy report.  

George Richey didn't like that.  

George was married to Tammy at the time of her death.  


Why George decided to engage with me is beyond me.

From George:

 "I believe you misread the ME's report. I was there alone at the time with Tammy. The live-in housekeeper was away for about 1 hour. I have never seen in print, other than your schlock, any information that I was not at home when Tammy passed away. MISINFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

My response:

I wrote:
In the weeks before Tammy's death, and on the day she died, several purchases for women's clothes were made on her credit card. There has been speculation that Richey's relationship with Sheila Slaughter may have begun a few weeks before Tammy's death.

From George:

I am not now nor have I ever been engaged to Sheila Slaughter. 

My response:

From January 19, 2001, Tennessean:


Tim McGraw brought more people to the wedding than the bride did.

In a small ceremony at a small church in small College Grove, Tenn., George Richey, Tammy Wynette's widower, married his girlfriend, Sheila Slaughter.

Read the entire messy exchange on Findadeath

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  1. SO delish. Don't worry about any snarky attitude you may think you might have. It helps to make life that much more worth living, for some of us. ;) And besides, I wouldn't have a kindred spirit in the world besides my friend Tamira to share equally wonderful tidbits with. Carry on. :)