Thursday, April 23, 2015

James Earl Ray Deathaversary April 23, 2015

A few years ago it came to my attention via my friend Joe Walker, that James Earl Ray, the man who murdered Dr. Martin Luther King, once lived in Hollywood.

Circa 1967, Ray was a resident of the Gerswin Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard.

Joe clarifies, "An ad in a paper called the LA Free Press which was where "swingers" met.  After he was arrested they went way back into his life because, while he agreed to plead guilty, he later recanted saying he was put up to it, etc.  I am attaching a clipping from a report on Ray, along with the address of the Gershwin and the PO box he used in Alhambra - coincidentally now a nursery school."

This building had another notable resident, fiction-writer 
Kenneth "No one has sued me yet." Anger.

The ever changing face of Hollywood - when developers opted to destroy other buildings on the street to build a Petco, there was a terrific rare view of an old auto repair shop sign.

Sad, this is almost like archaeology here.

Another fatality of vaginal rejuvenation - the X-Spot porn theater/shop where Nick Stahl, the Terminator 3 actor, was arrested.


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