Friday, April 10, 2015

Linda Darnell's Fiftieth Fiery Deathaversary

It was fifty years ago today that Linda Darnell's flame was extinguished outside of Chicago.

 Fire broke out and the other two inhabitants of the house were able to escape from upstairs windows in the back of the unit, however Darnell soaked a GORGEOUS chenille bedspread in water and went downstairs for some reasons unknown to me, until...

Money.  It was tax time.  Darnell had about $1200 in cash downstairs where she was preparing her taxes.  Everyone else was upstairs and rescued by the fire department.  Darnell figures she has a minute to run down and rescue the dosh. Unbeknownst to her, the neighbor's snow shovel would become a lethal weapon and change EVerything.  So there you go.  Now see how many documentaries work that info into their shows, and books will mention these facts, but you heard it here first.  

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