Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hey OSWALD! Death Hag Sticker of the Day

Sometimes it seems like the entire world has gone Death Hag.

Lee Harvey Oswald's grave was dug up in 1981 when doubts arose about who exactly was buried in the box.

Thing is, the shitty box he was buried in was falling apart.  They reburied him in a nicer box.

The funeral home kept the original casket until last year when they sold it at an auction.

Here is the listing: 

It was sold to a private collector for a little over $87,000.  

Well, Oswald's brother wasn't having it.  He sued the funeral home and the auction house.  He won.

So the Oswald family gets the shitty box back.  They say it'll be destroyed.

Well, at least this time we know what they saw when they opened it.



  1. what the hell is that on the bottom?

    1. Presumably it is Lee Harvey Oswald's head: Left and right profile pictures.