Sunday, February 8, 2015

Anna Nicole Smith 8th Deathaversary 2007 - 2015

In memory of the late Anna Nicole Smith, last October we visited Mexia, TX to pay homage to her at her former home of employment, Jim's Krispy Friend Chicken.

The ladies working there were terrific friendly, but neither of them worked there when the legend did.

When I asked what people have to say about Anna Nicole, the response was, "not much."

I'm guessing not a lot of community pride.  Fuck them.  Anna Nicole was a STAR.


  1. In the second picture (where you are behind the counter), the girl on the far right doesn't look too friendly AT ALL. Was she afraid that this pic would be discovered by "America's Most Wanted"? lol

  2. Two piece chicken and two rolls for $2.69 ? Thats almost free .

  3. Please remember to keep all aircraft out of Anna's " hair space" --
    The Bloopers from her film SKYSCRAPER are better than the film.

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