Tuesday, December 30, 2014


In July of 1991 Paul Reubens was arrested for jerking off in a Sarasota Florida porn theater.

 Showing at the theatre was a triple bill: Nurse NancyCatalina Five-O and Tiger Shark

According to the police report (how can you misspell masturbate? ) which refers to Reubens as the Def (defendant):

The officer "did observe the Def's penis exposed. The Def did begin to masterbate his exposed penis with his left hand. At approx 2035 hrs, the Def did again expose his penis and masterbate again."

Paul was arrested along with 3 other men that night. 

Several celebrities rallied behind Reubens (heh) including Joan Rivers and Bill Cosby.  Pee Wee's career suffered a blow, but as of late 2014 Reubens announced that a new Pee Wee movie is in the works.

Fun Stuff:

Pee Wee's home in the film and the real home in South Pasadena.


The Cabazon Dinosaurs are prominently featured in the film.  

Pee Wee's bicycle and suit are on display in the Hollywood History Museum.

I highly recommend the Hollywood History Museum.  What a wild treasure trove of "stuff".  
Check it out.  When you do, 


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