Tuesday, December 30, 2014

HELL, UPSIDE DOWN - New Year's Eve

Tomorrow night we will say "SEE YA" to 2014.  Troy and I traditionally ring in the New Year by watching the film The Poseidon Adventure.  Not that Kurt Russell shit, but the REAL one with Shelley Winters, Stella Stevens, Red Buttons, Gene Hackman and and and...

This film was the first PG I had ever seen.  It was showing near my house at the old Civic Theater in Detroit.   Gratuitous ruin porn picture.

If you are considering something low-key to ring in 2015, do what we do.  At about 11:30pm grab your dvd of the Original 1972 version of The Poseidon Adventure and hit play and PAUSE immediately.  At exactly 11:35 and 6 seconds hit PLAY immediately.

Pour your non-alchoholic apple shit, try to keep your eyes open until midnight and ring it in with Shelley and the gang.

Works perfectly.

Full Theatrical Trailer

One of my favorite celebrity encounters was meeting Ernie Orsatti, the stuntman who fell onto the glass window. This is certainly one of the most iconic stunts in movie history.

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  1. Great idea - sad to see what's happened to the theater. I'm in L.A., but grew up very near to you - on Cadieux Rd.

  2. Actually the Kurt Russell Poseidon is amazing!

  3. Isn't Ernie Orsatti also in the Towering Inferno?....