Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Today is the 18th Deathaversary JACK NANCE

On this date in 1996, Twin Peaks and Eraserhead actor Jack Nance died under fairly unusual circumstances in his South Pasadena apartment.

Nance had a short fuse.  Jack himself said he
popped off" in the parking lot to a couple of Latino guys in the parking lot of the donut shop across the street from his home.  He returned to his apartment and complained of a headache and retired to bed.  He was found dead the next day.  

Cause of Death:  An ugly SUBDURAL HEMATOMA. Sorry!  It was ACUTE and BLUNT FORCE HEAD TRAUMA

Jack was married to Jerry Van Dyke's porn star daughter Kelly (Enemates 4!  Rump Roasts!) who hanged herself while on the telephone with Jack.  Horrible.

Wednesday Addams herself, Lisa Loring is also involved.

Jack's brother reached out to me a few years back and provided a lot of details regarding Jack's life and death.

Read the entire article here

Wanna see his mailbox?

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